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The global COVID-19 crisis has put an enormous strain on health systems which face the battle of limiting the spread of Coronavirus whilst also providing the treatment and care that will save lives. As a result of this, healthcare systems across the world are having to change the way they work and what they prioritise, impacting patients presenting with many conditions, including heart valve disease

Many of the indicators that suggest a patient requires early intervention are symptom driven, so it is crucial that you monitor your symptoms and report any deterioration to your nurse, case manager or GP.

Please use our Symptom Tracker which can be found here.

During this crisis we have seen a concerning trend of cardiovascular patients with severe disease avoiding hospitals for fear of contracting COVID-19. By not receiving urgent treatment, they may be putting their lives at greater risk, whereas they may be better-served taking all necessary precautions and putting themselves in the good hands of cardiac surgeons and cardiologists. We urge all patients to monitor their symptoms closely and report any deteriorations.

We are aware that this is a worrying period for patients globally and your concern about your treatment is only exacerbated by concerns about COVID-19 and isolation from your loved ones, but Heart Valve Voice is here to support you through this challenging time.

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It is important that, together, we make clear that when the COVID-19 crisis relents, heart valve disease patients will need and should receive treatment. At this time, Heart Valve Voice will be making the case to physicians and healthcare systems that valve disease patients should be treated as a matter of urgency. Our focus remains on delivering early intervention that returns patients to a good quality of life in optimal time. By ensuring that, we can reduce your risk of viruses and infections, help to give you back your quality of life and make sure that we contribute to rebuilding our communities following the crisis.


"My message to you is that, whilst there may be disruption and delays to appointments and treatments, urgent treatment for heart valve disease still needs to be undertaken."

Wil Woan,

CEO of Heart Valve Voice