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Heart Valve Voice is a collection of people with real experiences of heart valve disease, including a multi-disciplinary group of experts in the field (cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, GPs), cardiac patient societies and patients. The charity was established in 2014 to tackle the under-diagnosis and the under-treatment of people with heart valve disease in the UK today.

We aim to transform the diagnosis, treatment and management of heart valve disease by raising awareness of its severity to ensure timely detection, so that all people living with heart valve disease receive appropriate treatment at the right time, leading to greater quality and longevity of life. We need the support of healthcare professionals like you to realise this goal.

To find out more information about Heart Valve Voice and our current campaigns and initiatives for healthcare professionals, please contact info@heartvalvevoice or visit the other pages in this section for more details.

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How can I get involved?

Heart Valve Voice is constantly working with a range of multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals across the UK. There are lots of opportunities to work in partnership with us and support the charity.

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What are we currently working on in the Cardiac Sector?

We are committed to raising awareness of heart valve disease and reducing inequalities in diagnosis, referrals and treatment across the UK. We are working with a wide range of different organisations to achieve this and we recognise the need for sustained and coordinated action across the UK to support those affected by heart valve disease.

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Calls to action

Visit this section to view a selection of videos about raising awareness of Heart Valve Disease, increasing GP consultation time for those over 75, fair treatment for all no matter where the patient is based in the UK and more.

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GP guidelines

The aim of our guidance is to offer practical advice on the diagnosis and referral of patients to enable timely assessment and appropriate treatment by the cardiology team.
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