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Sports events: check-ups

We are undertaking heart valve disease check-up events in partnership with a variety of football and cricket clubs across the UK. These events provide an opportunity for sporting fans to have their hears listened to by a healthcare professional whilst they are watching their favourite team or sport. We also offer heart valve check-ups to members of the sports team and employees too.

At the event, our healthcare professional ambassadors donate their time to conduct heart valve check-ups using both conventional and digital stethoscopes to listen to the fan’s hearts. Echocardiography is also offered to those people who have a murmur. Further support and advice is provided for anyone who is found to have signs of heart valve disease.

Recently, we have been invited to host testing events at: Everton Football Club, Crewe Football Club and Lancashire Cricket Club who are one of our official charity partners for 2016. This is just one of the ways we are raising awareness of heart valve disease in the UK. We hope to see you at a sports testing event soon!