Lucy Jarvis // East of England

I have had the absolute pleasure to be paired with Katharine and Christine Greenland, who are twin sisters that live together in the beautiful countryside village of Trunch, Norfolk. Katharine and Christine were diagnosed and treated with heart valve disease within 6 months of each other. Their shared experience of the disease so closely in time has meant that they have been able to help each other through each step of their journeys. Although both sisters live a very peaceful and quiet life together, they certainly keep themselves busy where their everyday lives include attending and helping with regular village events, visiting their mother, looking after their garden, going for walks in the local area with their dog Bess and also on the local beach of Mundesley. I chose to spend more of my time with Katharine and Christine by first getting to know them and what the quality of their life has been like after receiving treatment for heart valve disease. I then went on the create a series of photographs that captured them going about their very active everyday lives together. The series of photographs are all depicted with both of them present, this showing their journey together and although they both have very individual stories, the closeness that they share as both sisters and patients being the aim for the series. The series of photographs presented were all made on medium format film, hand processed and then scanned by myself. This is something that is both imperative to the way that I make photographs, by allowing me to have a precise eye and careful consideration for detail. The use of film was also imperative to how I have been able to capture and share the story of Katherine and Christine in a way that is true to the process itself whilst being able to simply capture their everyday lives with as little intervention as possible.

Competition timings

Submission Deadline: 10th of May 2019

Regional selection: 3rd of June 2019

Regional finalists photography documentary creation: 4th of June to 16th of September 2019

National final and exhibit at House of Parliament: Autumn 2019