Lisa Casado // London

I know that you didn't need a statement about our patient, but I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to meet Sue and her husband Rob and what a pleasure it has been to be part of helping to raise awareness about heart valve disease. I call this set of photos 'Keeping up with Sue'. She's more active than 34 year old me! She's gone from surviving a heart attack on a golf course, to finding out she had heart valve disease, to making a full recovery after having a heart valve replacement. Thanks to her heart valve replacement, she's been able to go from having to crawl up the stairs on her hands and knees with no energy, to being back pursuing her passions of gardening and golfing, amongst all the hosting, organising coffee mornings, looking after grandchildren and being on the committee for Heart Valve Voice. She's an inspiration.

Competition timings

Submission Deadline: 10th of May 2019

Regional selection: 3rd of June 2019

Regional finalists photography documentary creation: 4th of June to 16th of September 2019

National final and exhibit at House of Parliament: Autumn 2019