Katherine Kuyt // North West

Those with heart valve disease should be able to live, not just survive. For me that is; being able to spend time with family and those you love, laughing and sharing experiences, and being able to see the world and explore new places. Doing what you love with those you love! Life with heart valve disease can sometimes feel like it is full of limitations, but I would love to show that patients can still live life well. I love photography, especially catching heartfelt candid moments and new experiences. I am also passionate about heart valve disease and improving quality of life for patients. I am studying for my PhD, researching the recovery of the heart after aortic valve surgery. Photographing the life of a heart valve patient has allowed me to combine these and has been a joy. As has meeting, and becoming friends with, Marina.

Competition timings

Submission Deadline: 10th of May 2019

Regional selection: 3rd of June 2019

Regional finalists photography documentary creation: 4th of June to 16th of September 2019

National final and exhibit at House of Parliament: Autumn 2019