Carrie-Ann Goodbrand // Scotland

I enjoyed being able to capture what life means for the patient following heart valve surgery. Normally I work as part of a team looking after patients post surgery and do not get the chance to see what life after hospital is like. Due to an infection, Vince has not had the easiest journey postoperatively, and has only lately started to feel the benefits. From the photo's we have captured together, I feel we have shown how Vince's life will be now after surgery and how he is reaping the benefits. Most importantly, being able to spend time with his grandchildren and how he is now able to enjoy the stunning Moray coast on his doorstep, something which he struggled to do before heart valve surgery.

Competition timings

Submission Deadline: 10th of May 2019

Regional selection: 3rd of June 2019

Regional finalists photography documentary creation: 4th of June to 16th of September 2019

National final and exhibit at House of Parliament: Autumn 2019