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Heart Valve Voice turns Five Years Old

Heart Valve Voice has joined forces with PCR London Valve to celebrate our five year anniversary and invited important stakeholders to join us on the 18th of November.

We want to thank everybody for their continued support of Heart Valve Voice and all the work that has been accomplished in the awareness, detection and treatment of heart valve disease. The five year report shows all our projects and initiatives from the Gold Standard report and implementation of guidelines in the NHS 10 year plan to the annual bike ride from London to EuroPCR, Paris.

As well as the expansion of our patient community. We are proud of all the hard work that all our patients’ have contributed over these past five years in the forms of stories, parliament visits, and attending conferences.

We also want to thank the help from clinicians and healthcare professionals from every aspect of the patient pathway. Their expertise, knowledge and time has been a great source of advice for our reports and all the resources that we provide for patients and clinicians alike.

The Five Year report sets forward Heart Valve Voice’s aims for the next five years to keep us moving forward in implementing the awareness of heart valve disease. Heart Valve Voice CEO Wil Woan said “Thanks to the generosity of an ever-increasing number of supporters, collaborators and clinicians, we have come a long way in our first five years. We have raised awareness both at home and abroad, bringing our message to all levels of the policy and implementation landscape.”

Looking back over everything we’ve achieved in the last five years, it deserves to be highlighted that as patient advocates in the heart valve disease sector, our relationship with the medtech industry is as important as our partnership with the medical profession and the healthcare system. We base this relationship upon the ethos of innovation, information and independence. We are grateful for all their support financially and through the volunteering hours their staff offer.

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Heart valve disease is caused by either wear, disease or damage of one or more of the heart’s valves, affecting the flow of blood through the heart.