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Heart Valve Voice is launching its ‘Tackle Valve Disease Football Check-up programme’ at the home games of Everton, Brentford and Southampton

Heart Valve Voice has joined forces with Everton, Brentford and Southampton football clubs to offer free heart check-ups to fans and members of the local community at their home games, on the 4th, 10th and 11th December respectively, before match kick-off. These events form part of the charity’s National Tackle Valve Disease Football Check-up programme to raise awareness of heart valve disease, which will continue into 2017.

Heart specialists will conduct check-ups by listening to people’s hearts with a stethoscope – the easiest way to detect heart valve disease.

If you are a fan over the age of 55 or live close to the ground, why not drop in before the match to get your heart checked. Please contact to book in for an over 55s heart valve check-up ahead of kick-off at the following games:

  • Everton vs. Manchester United: Sunday 4 December at 4pm
  • Brentford vs. Burton Albion: Saturday 10 December at 3pm
  • Southampton vs. Middlesbrough: Sunday 11 December at 2.15pm

In 2017, we will be doing more events and will look to feature different sports, so if you want your club to feature, please get in touch at

If in doubt, get your heart checked out – the more we listen, the more lives we save!

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