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Towards a Heart Healthy Future

On the 11th March we launched our report, ‘Towards a Heart Healthy Future: A Gold Standard in the Diagnosis, Treatment and Management of Heart Valve Disease in Adults' at the 2019 Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery Conference.

The report sets out recommendations and quality statements designed to achieve earlier diagnosis of this condition and timely provision of the treatments which can do so much to improve length and quality of life for those affected.

We’re thrilled to gain the support of Professor Huon Gray National Clinical Director for Cardio Vascular Disorders at NHS England who said “I commend Heart Valve Voice for bringing together this Working Group of leading clinicians and patients to describe the challenges faced by professionals and patients in managing valve disease and for suggesting ways in which services might be improved.This will help us in our collective ambition to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients, and will support objectives related to heart valve disease set out in the NHS Long Term Plan. I look forward to working with Heart Valve Voice and others in achieving this.”

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Heart valve disease is caused by either wear, disease or damage of one or more of the heart’s valves, affecting the flow of blood through the heart.