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Heart Valve Voice 2018 Cycle Ride - The Team

We have finalised our team for the 2018 cycle ride from London to Paris on 21-23 of May and have 12 riders signed up the the Heart Valve Voice Cycle Team. The team will be made up of clinicians, volunteers and patients all with the same passion of raising awareness of heart valve disease and the need for access to treatment for patients across the UK.

We are really excited about this year’s ride which will include two different teams, an expert and a leisure team, allowing our cyclists to ride at the pace they choose and as much as they choose. Last year we were really happy to have our Patient Ambassador and trustee Pat Khan along with us. As a patient who has been treated for valve disease, it was really inspiring to see her give it her all on her bike last year. This year, Pat will be joining us again and will also be joined by fellow Patient Ambassadors and valve disease patients Marina McGrath and Gerry Kijak. Having more patients on the ride this year helps to further stress the point that for most patients who have been treated, valve disease hasn’t stopped them from living their best life.

As part of the ride this year, we will be including a fundraising element to allow us to raise funding for our many patient support activities and campaigns throughout the year. If you would be interested in support the Heart Valve Voice cycle ride and the work that Heart Valve Voice does, please see our Crowdfunder page to make a donation:

Here are the 2018 team members:

Marina McGrath, Patient and PAG member

Gerry Kijak, Patient and PAG member

Pat Khan, Patient, Trustee and PAG member

Alex Gannaway, TAVI Nurse, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Royal Sussex Hospital

Richard Edwards, Consultant Cardiologist, Freeman Hospital

Helen Munday, Trust Matron, Papworth Hospital

Jenny Birtwistle, Perfusionist, Royal Stoke Hospital

Fang Lam, Consultant Cardiac Anaesthetist, Royal Stoke Hospital

Christopher Knott, Senior Clinical Perfusionist, Royal Stoke Hospital

Keith Pearce, Consultant Cardiac Physiologist, Wythenshawe Hospital and BSE President

Tony Meakin, Chief Clinical Perfusion Scientist, Morriston Hospital

Susan Drake, Volunteer, Edwards Life Sciences

Adrian Caroll, Patient Representative, Edwards Life Sciences

Alwyn McMath, Volunteer, CryoLife

Also, please follow the cycle ride on our social media sites Twitter and Facebook: @HeartValveVoice, #HVVCycle18

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Heart Valve Voice - Overview

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The South Coast Summit will be a meeting involving clinicians, heart valve experts, patients and political figures brought together for a discussion that will provide a more detailed picture of the challenges and blockages to services that heart valve disease patients experience in the UK.
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Heart valve disease is caused by either wear, disease or damage of one or more of the heart’s valves, affecting the flow of blood through the heart.